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40 Years Of Existence For The Casino Of Gruissan

Poker, Poker Chips, Casino, GamblingIt has been 40 years since the Gruissan casino opened its doors. The directors have succeeded in the establishment to manage this place which was not only a space of play, but also an emblematic place for the city. Visitors and regulars also had their share of happiness through the many jackpots and gifts. The casino is blowing a fortieth year in a row offering games and more.

From the Phoebus nightclub to the Gruissan casino

The current building that houses the Gruissan casino is a place full of history. Before 1978 it was a nightclub called the Phoebus. Then the transformation took place this year. The first games to enter the premises are the Boule game. He ended up in the music room. The director of the establishment, Daniel Reynié, who has occupied this position for 25 years, remembers it very well.

According to him it was the first game that was there, but so far there had been customers and especially loyal ones. Then, it changed its name and became Bain de Minuit. There were also some milestone events that brought about real changes in the casino. This was the case, for example, in 1991, when he had to face a terrible scourge. The building is consumed by fire, and it is quickly losing its fame as a hot-night hangout.

It is from this moment that the team decides to focus its activities on the game. The choice turns out to be exact when in 1994 he knows a success. From that moment, the game developed and it started with the addition of forty slot machines. At that time, it was necessary to take risks in the investment, because the machines were extremely expensive. But its existence even today means a battle won.

Always in constant development

Over the years, competition has set in and it has been necessary to constantly find new products for customers. The casino faced its competition. In 2000, moreover, gambling became the main activity of the establishment, leaving the discotheque completely aside. That year, poker and black jack embellished the casino’s offer. Since that date, director Daniel Reynié affirms that the casino has not ceased to have constant development, until today.

Poker, Casino, TokensFor this year 2016 again, the team plans to add 55 new latest generation machines to its game park . To mark these forty years, the casino has also decided to inaugurate its new wine bar and a space for poker players with these machines. The manager said that the key to the success of his establishment is listening to customers. Year after year, it has won the loyalty of many customers who play regularly every day. He adds that the renovations are also a reward for those people who have been loyal to him. This anniversary was thus inaugurated with all those who have always been there.

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The Jonzac Casino 5 Months After Its Opening

Cards, Jass Cards, Card Game, StrategyThe Jonzac casino is one of the few establishments that the Barrière group has put up for sale. It was bought by the Arev Finance group, of which Antoine Arevian is at the head.

In fact, the group has acquired some of the Barrière casinos. The casino has been running for five months now and for the group, work is still going on to make this place more attractive to visitors. According to the president of Arev Finance, it is important to build customer loyalty by regularly offering them new products.

The Jonzac casino after these five months

According to Antoine Arevian, the Jonzac casino has posted a rather positive turnover for these five months . However, improvements are still underway to make the establishment more attractive to visitors. Slot machines have been replaced in its park. 15 new one-armed bandits were installed, including 4 machines belonging to the new generation. It has a total of 75 slot machines. The casino has invested up to € 30,000 per unit in order to offer something new in the room.

This is an essential step, again according to the president of the group, to prevent the customer from getting bored. Communication also holds a very important place in the establishment’s development strategy. He did not hesitate to pass the message on to the surrounding area by using various media such as the radio, the press or posters on the buses. However, the group wanted to maintain the convivial spirit it had, because it is a local casino and not one of its large structures.

To accentuate this aspect, the casino relies heavily on various activities, including concerts. He also decided to develop his catering sector by offering his customers products from the region. The casino wants to attract a little more people looking for a place with a more familiar atmosphere and who necessarily do not come for the games. Indeed, the game is no longer the main attraction.

A good return for the Jonzac casino

Background, Hall, Casino, Game, To PlayThe Jonzac casino has thus decided to bet a little more on diversity and not only on the casino side of the establishment. Its strategy of creating a friendly and lively place is now bearing fruit. Antoine Arevian stressed that the returns are very good in the surrounding areas such as Angoulême or in the northern part of the Gironde. To maintain a good reputation, he plans to invest regularly. He noted that regular investments will be made in the purchase of new machines.

He also plans to do some renovations and renew some of the furniture. However, the next project that stands up to the group as regards Jonzac, is the installation of a terrace which will be intended for smokers. For Arev Finance, Jonzac is a place that has enormous potential, because there is real economic development and great attractiveness. The town uses multiple means and does not limit itself solely to tourism and its character as a spa town. For its president, this casino is a project that will last over time.